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Event Photography, Halloween Style


My boyfriend and I are already prepping for our first Halloween party in our new house!! So my mind has been on Halloween and decorations for the past week or so. (Did you know that the 99c Store has some CRAZY GOOD decorations?)

Earlier this year, I photographed my friend's vampire themed birthday party...which definitely put me in the Halloween mindset.

I set up a photo-booth like area to take pictures of each guest as they pleased throughout the night. I edited & returned over 300 photos to my friend, who made sure each person received their photo-booth moment. It was an easy and fun setup; doable at any photography level.

Halloween Photobooth Photography Setup:

- Arrange the Area: This was simple for us, as we placed the couch, rug and side tables, and that was it. The raw brick wall in the background added perfectly to the vibe of the shoot.

- Equipment: Two lights (continuous, not strobes) were set up directly to the left and right of the camera. The camera (Nikon D750) was set up on a tripod roughly four feet in front of the couch and centered. I was using a 14mm f/2.8 lens which allowed for the super wide angle plus distortion on the far edges. I choose this lens because I knew that I wanted something interesting that added the unique style. Also, I knew people were going to pile onto the couch, and I wanted something wide enough that I could fit everyone into the shot easily.

- Waiting: When the drinks start flowing, that's when people LOVE photo-booths. So I set up my gear, the lights, and was ready to go.

Execution & Things I Would Change Next Time:

- Some of the images turned out brighter than others, which I blame on this being my first time using continuous lights. Throughout the night, we had issues with power, and some images wound up darker than expected. I left those dark as I really enjoyed the mood that they showed.

- I rotated the camera on the tripod to re-frame shots. I wish I would have kept the camera in the same position and kept the framing square on the couch setting. That would have kept more of the photo-booth style vibe for this party scene instead of looking like numerous mini photoshoots.

- For similar shoots, I would use an off camera trigger. That would allow party goers to take photos of themselves or of their friends. Most people are a little scared to touch a large DSLR camera, but a small trigger device would allow more comfort on that level.

If you're taking photo-booth images for your own photography business, I wish you the best and hope these tips (and pitfalls on my end) will help you! If you're hosting a party anytime in Los Angeles, let me know, and I'll happily take you and your friends photos.

Let me know what you think of the final shots!!

xo - boston