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How did a random candid photo of me get the most likes ever on my Instagram?

How did a photo of myself, that I didn't take, that was candid, get the most likes out of ANYTHING I've ever posted EVER on Instagram?? I was confused about this for a while, but I kind of get it now - let me explain...

I've been trying for the past few months to finally get my ass in gear and work on this series that I've had in mind for years. I wanted to promote other women concert photographer's work and show off some of these bad ass females I've met throughout my years in the pit.

The reason why is that I hear all the time that it's a "male dominated industry", and that most pits are full of middle aged white dudes...but when I check my Instagram, these are these killer shots of famous musicians taken by women. There are women touring with big named bands. Simply, a lot of women kicking ass in the concert photo industry. But why aren't people talking about these women? Why is it still considered male dominated if these women are showing up and showing off their skills? I DON'T GET IT.

Cut to a few weeks ago --- I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the whole KAABOO Del Mar festival. I met so many incredible photographers (men and women) and had some amazing conversations with them. At the end of the week, a photographer emailed me a photo he took. When I opened it, I literally (not joking here) gasped.

I immediately posted this image on Instagram. It shows three bad ass (if I do say so myself) women in the photo pit. Three amazing women getting killer shots of what was happening on stage. Three incredible females doing their jobs and doing it well.

Women have just as equal of a place in this industry as do men, and we deserve to be here. I hate hearing about sexism and ageism in the industry, and I want that stuff to be rare. I want to go to concerts and be the pit to be completely diverse. I want to see more female photogs images grace the pages of Rolling Stone and see them out on top with Billboard Top artists. I want that. And apparently so do other people.

A few people reached out to me saying that the photo was inspiring. A simple snapshot of three women just being in the pit...inspiring.

I want more women to be inspired. I want more people to feel comfortable in the photo pit; feel that they deserve to be there. I'm trying to do it one photo at a time and one video at a time.

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Photo Credit: Nacho DelaGarza Photography

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