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My first roll of film

We all know that film is the new thing again. Nostalgia hits us hard. So, I finally got myself a camera and started a fresh new roll of 35mm film. And by 'fresh', I mean picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks and it's most likely from the '90s...

Anyway, I shot all of these on a Nikon N80 with a 24-80 lens. Most just documenting the landscapes around me and my daily activities around Los Angeles. After a week of this, I stopped by a printing studio one day on my way to work, and then waited until my scans were emailed to me. Honestly, the anticipation was KILLING me, but I was trying to not get my hopes up with using old, most likely expired, film. Regardless, when I got these back, my jaw dropped. I'm obsessed! Especially with the picture of my friend's baby (DYING!!).

Anyway, my 35mm film camera is definitely staying in my bag for now.

Show me your favorite film shots!! (@byeboston)

xo - boston