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Why are you cropping your Facebook profile pictures??

Normally, it's a request of photographers that when you share/repost their photos, that you don't crop or edit them. Well, that's a problem when Facebook automatically crops profile pictures. But here, I can help you fix it.

Firstly, DO NOT upload a new profile picture via a cell phone/the Facebook app. It automatically crops them and you don't have the choice not to. Follow these easy steps to change your profile picture without editing the file due to cropping.

How to upload a Facebook profile picture without cropping:

1) When on your desktop, hover over your profile picture on your profile, select "update".

2) From there, select or upload whatever photo you want to change your profile to.

3) Here comes the tricky part, make sure you click on the words at the bottom of the pop up that say "Skip Cropping".

4) Another pop up will surface saying "The entire photo will be saved as your profile picture. Reposition the photo to set the thumbnail." Here is where you'll just drag to reposition the photo however you want it viewed on Facebook.

5) Select "Save" and you're good to go! Your full photo will now be your profile picture and you didn't crop anything!! Now your friends, family and fans will see the photo how it was intended to be viewed, and if the photo had a watermark, like mine below, that will remain visible.

See? Easy!

xo - boston